Techniques To Finding Gifts They're Really Going To Like

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Published: 06th January 2013
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I’d say that empathy is possibly the most important ability you'll need for purchasing wonderful gifts. That is to say you need to be able to understand thoughts and feelings of other people.

If you'd like to blow someone away with an exceptional gift it's not about spending more money what you really need is to get under their skin to understand how they really feel and what matters most to them. If you know what tends to make them feel good and what makes them feel terrible you can use that understanding to be able to guide your gift buying and get something really special.

But how do you under someone’s skin I hear you ask? Well for sure every person is distinctive, but there are some general guidelines you can follow. Firstly it's a no brainer but it’s worth pointing out - listen to the things people say to you. The most important clues to what a person is feeling generally come out their mouth! Secondly pay special interest to their actions. Should you go shopping together what items do they devote quite a bit of attention to? What perfume does she often smell? What gadget does he regularly mess around with? If you do not go to the shops together with the individual try to arrange an outing so that you can dig for information. Finally watch for changes in a person's mood. Are they smiling? What just happened? Are they frowning? Why? What caused it? If you can you intervene to make more smiles or less frowns you’ll be on the right track!

It is worth at this time pointing out a frequent mistake. Do not give tools. Tools make terrible presents and the underlying message can be... get to work! Yes he loves gardening but buying him a lawn mower is like saying… can you cut the grass please! Maybe it’s the part of gardening that he actually hates. As another example you may know someone who constantly is constantly polishing their car. You conclude they really love washing the car and think to buy a gift like a bucket and sponge car washing pack. But think a little harder and you’ll see that it is really the shining car that the person really wants not the love of polishing. Once you realize this you can take the extra step and give them a promise where YOU polish the car for them or with them. You can still give the polishing kit but how much better is that 2nd gift. In place of giving a bucket and sponge you free up their time so they can do what they really enjoy, you give the gift of companionship and additionally by getting involved in what’s important to them you validate their beliefs. On an underlying level your gift says “I agree with you shiny vehicles ARE cool” and always when someone agrees with you it’s wonderful even if it appears like a silly little thing. These trivial things are what relationships are built upon.

Yet another technique to use to your inside info will be to either make or acquire a gift hamper – to see this in action check out our terrific gift hampers at - Gift hampers can be filled using a selection of things that you just have selected because the mean something to the recipient and with hampers you may express your appreciation of their exceptional personality. A unique Celebrity Gossip and Chocolates Hamper for the girl that likes Gossip and chocolate would show that you have put thought into what would make the recipient happy.

In the end terrific gifts are not made from the gift itself, teriffic gifts show you that you are thoughtful and care and know what matters to the recipient. The best gifts say loudly I know you, I’m with you and I care about you and what you care about. Take the time to really enjoy giving gifts you’ll be better for it!

Ian Glossner makes and writes about gift hampers for a living. He believes that it's one of lifes great pleasures to be able to find and give someone the perfect gift.

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